Preparing for the Multiple Mini Interview

Candidates typically exhibit anxiety in anticipation of challenging questions that may arise. Many people have difficulty formulating logical, cohesive, polished answers within the allotted preparation time prior to the start of each station.

How well you perform during the actual interview and whether you will ultimately succeed in gaining admission to medical school (or another healthcare profession) is in large measure linked to the preparation you do in advance. The most effective strategy to prepare for an MMI is to anticipate the types of questions/scenarios you will face and to practice your answers.  Practice Sample MMI Questions.

Here are a few tips:

Understand the goal:

You should aim to answer the questions in a manner that demonstrates that you are capable of being an excellent student and thereafter, an outstanding professional (e.g., physician, veterinarian, nurse, etc.). Make a list of the attributes that you believe are essential for success, such as integrity and the ability to think critically. Practice integrating these key attributes into your answers.

Work on time management:

Many students experience difficulty with pacing and effectively answering the question in the allotted time. Remember that once the bell has sounded, the interview must end immediately even if the candidate is not finished. Therefore, proper pacing is essential. Practice 7 to 8 minute presentations in advance of your interview to get comfortable with timing. Ensure that you wear a watch that clearly displays the time (e.g. a digital watch) on the interview day, since you cannot rely on a clock being present in each interview room. Appropriately managing your time will give you the opportunity to end the interview in an organized and effective manner.

Listen carefully:

During the MMI, the interviewer will often provide prompts designed to direct you. Listen carefully to the cues provided so you can take advantage of any new information that may be introduced. The prompts may guide you to the specific issues that are the focus of each rotation.

Although success cannot be guaranteed, your performance can improve significantly by learning about the interview process, acquiring strategies to avoid the common pitfalls, and knowing ways to sell yourself so that you get the place that you deserve. Poise under pressure can make the difference between achieving your goals and falling just short. As you get ready for the big day, mock interviews should be a key part of your preparations. Simulating what you are about to experience will help build confidence, allowing you to remain calm and more organized on the interview day.


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